Be our friend!

We all need friends don’t we? Whether they are long standing ones from childhood or new ones we meet through the course of our lives, they are people who make a huge difference to us and our lives. We are richer for knowing each other.

What makes a good friend? Someone who understands us, shares what we stand for and believes in us even when the going gets tough. A friend is someone who not only celebrates with us but is there to support and help us in hard times and shares our purpose in life.

Opera Anywhere is very proud of our mission to make Opera more accessible by taking our performances around the country and we are looking for some fabulous friends to help us continue to make this a reality. Starting at less than the price of a coffee a week you can become a friend of ours. The more friendly you are the more benefits there are, reduced tickets, private performances, behind the scenes tours and an opportunity to meet some of our singing stars. Oh and I nearly forgot, our beautiful hand created Opera Anywhere Mugs that have been specially designed and made for us by Mia Sarosi Ceramics

Opera Anywhere mugs designed by Mia Sarosi

Make the most of these fabulous features and become a firm friend …….. If you are a business you may be interested in our exciting Corporate Sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Jenny Gordon for more details. Tel: 07817 872635 email

Bronze2 x Free tickets per yearOpportunity to purchase OA Private performance ( 10% discount £130
Silver2 x Free tickets per yearAdvanced ticket purchase 20% discount on ticketsOpportunity to purchase OA private performance (20%discount)2 Bespoke Opera Anywhere Mugs£350
Gold4 x Free tickets per yearAdvanced ticket purchase 30% Discount on tickets  Opportunity to purchase OA private performance (30%discount)1x Behind the scenes pass4 x  Bespoke Opera Anywhere Mugs£500
Platinum6 x Free tickets per yearAdvanced ticket purchase 30% discount on ticket purchases1x OA private performance ( max 5 performers) 1x VIP Pass 4 x  Bespoke Opera Anywhere Mugs£750
PartnershipsCinema’s : advertising, promoting  and supporting each other’s performances Libraries: Mutual support and focus on projects Museums: Mutual support and focus on projects Schools: On – Line projects to grow new audience + foster a love of opera in next generations  Grant supported
CorporateSponsor programmes Sponsor performances Corporate OA performances ( dependent on level of sponsorshipSponsor merchandise Sponsor Costumes /transport£500-£5000 +VAT
Jenny Gordon – Opera Anywhere trustee, director and friends manager

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