Audience Reviews

“Hi Mike, Congratulations.  My wife and I really enjoyed your production of The Mikado last Saturday.  I liked your reference to the Mayor of Great Dunmow on Saturday.  We saw her (Emma) yesterday and she was impressed that she had been mentioned in your production. Keep up the good work”. – Gerry, The Mikado – Great Lodge, October 2019

“The final 10 minutes of the first half of Hansel and Gretel caught me in the throat and heart.  The tears were equally shared in the final part of the second half. I found it very moving.  One of those rare moments when, despite all that was going on, I could hear a pin drop in my heart” – Michael, Waterperry Gardens, Hansel & Gretel, Sept 2019

“I would like to thank Opera Anywhere for a great evening’s entertainment  last Thursday. I hadn’t been to one of your performances before and I look forward to the next one! I have seen Pinafore performed dozens of times but a good performance from a new  (to me) company is always a delight”. – Richard Gibson, Smallhythe Place, Tenterden, HMS Pinafore, August 2019

“Minimal set + tiny cast = MAXIMUM entertainment!
Thoroughly enjoyable, well done!” – Gerry Wicks, Brighton Open Air Theatre, HMS Pinafore, August 2019

“Dear Mike, Please thank your colleagues most warmly for a stirring performance in horrid wet and windy weather at he Nothe Fort in Weymouth last night.  We were soaked to the skin by the end of the performance, and I realise it must have been the same for your gallant performers…

We are so grateful that everyone carried on the worst of conditions imaginable, and gave us such an enjoyable evening.  We shall dine out on the tale for ages!” – Anthony Thorpe, Audience member, Nothe Fort, Weymouth – The Pirates of Penzance, August 2019

“We can’t thank you enough for such a fun evening on Saturday … we have had so many people contact us to say how much they enjoyed it!  So we very much hope you’ll come back next year!!!” – Rebecca, Promoter, Court Farm Barn, Ledbury. The Pirates of Penzance, August 2019

“Hi Mike, It was an absolute pleasure having the Opera Anywhere team perform at the Dean Heritage Centre at the weekend, everyone in the audience thoroughly enjoyed it and were absolutely blown away by how brilliant you all were. One of the audience members was begging me to get you to return”! – Joanne, Centre Manager, Dean Heritage Centre, Forest of Dean. The Pirates of Penzance, August 2019

“Just wanted to say what a fabulous time we had with you on the Cherwell yesterday. Mary, the birthday girl was bowled over, as were the rest of us! The phrase ‘like a dream’ was mentioned by several. Keep doing what you are doing…. It’s fab!!”.  – Elizabeth MacGregor, Opera on Punts, River Cherwell, July 2019

“I had to write to congratulate all of you, including  any back stage, on such a magnificent production of the Pirates of Penzance. I wasn’t sure what to expect , but it was a polished performance that could outshine many theatre bound groups. Wow! ..  Thankyou, thank you for bringing your company here, and please come back again”.

“Thank you for a brilliant evening. It must be difficult to deliver the wonderful arias, usually performed in the context of a concert setting, but I loved the delivery”. – Avril Farley, The Pirates of Penzance, Dean Heritage Centre, August 2019

The Sister Angelica was unexpectedly moving; it took a while to get into the plot but by the end I was feeling for a parallel of a young mother in a Syrian refugee camp who is mourning the loss of her third child. I had not had this feeling towards her before this, going along with something like the tabloid press with a sense of outrage. This was a powerful opera and you did a great job. Thank you”. – David Austin, audience member, Puccini’s Heroines, Nailsworth Festival, May 2019

“Hi Mike, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your concert on Saturday, I really enjoyed it, and everyone that was leaving at the end commented on how much they enjoyed it as well”. – Joanna Brett, Festival Organiser, Puccini’s Heroines, Nailsworth Festival, May 2019

I saw and enjoyed the performance of ‘Patience’ at Chipping Norton Theatre on 13th. April – Hadn’t seen a live production of it before, so enjoyed it the more because of that. It was certainly a sell-out performance, so hopefully Opera Anywhere will come back to ‘Chippy’ in the not too distant future!” – Michael Goscombe, Patience, Chipping Norton, April 2019

“What a delight ‘Patience’ was yesterday evening at Chipping Norton. Every bit as good as any full-scale production I’ve seen of it (and better than most). It’s my first experience of Opera Anywhere – you now have a devoted fan”  – Brian Yardley, Patience, Chipping Norton, April 2019

“Great production. Act one finale is my favourite G and S moment. I shed a tear or two in the sextet. Well done”. – David Martin, Patience, Lewes, Dec 2018

“That was a great show and in great seats all thanks to you, we didn’t really know “Patience” but it was terrific . . Many thanks again for a wonderful evening” – David Crafts, Patience, Lewes, Dec 2018

“We enjoyed your G&S performance at Thame on the Saturday afternoon.  We live near Canterbury and it was well worth the journey”  – Robert Swade, Pirates of Penzance, Thame, November 2018

“Hi Mike, Pirates was FANTASTIC , the weather ,wine and brollies made it very “English” and there was much laughter in the audience, ( loved your somewhat difficult entrance through the crowd) The Canada geese were an unexpected highlight !” – Mal Chapman, Pirates On Punts, Wolfson College, Oxford August 2018

“Just to say how much we enjoyed this afternoon’s performance. Such energy and commitment from every single performer and a great production. The musicians were excellent too, thank you for a super afternoon” – Julie Fisher, audience member, HMS Pinafore, Waterperry Gardens, July 2018

“I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous evening at Waterperry Gardens . I love G&S and these days its hard to find productions. We came across this by chance when we visited the gardens a couple of weeks before. It was a tremendous performance, well sung and acted, truly a super evening”  – Alison Wisbeach, audience member, Patience, Waterperry Gardens, July 2018

“..and what a performance it was! Even in its cleverly adapted and shorter form, with a trio of instrumentalists (cello, flute and piano) replacing the orchestra, everything that makes The Magic Flute so wonderful was there.  Although my three occasionally missed parts of the plot (I explained that’s normal for opera!) the costumes and acting meant that they were gripped by the drama and comedy of it all.  The puppets that “played” the boys added to the accessibility without detracting from the experience for the adults in the audience.

My twelve year old will have looked deadly serious throughout, but it was just a sign of how her mind and heart were being filled.  The Queen of the Night did a wonderful job of those famously, inhumanly high notes and the emotional depth of the duets between Pamina and Tamino gripped my younger daughter in the way, at her age, you’d really more expect a Disney movie too. Wonderful throughout, from a group that incorporated clearly experienced singers with talented younger ones to create a balanced and musical whole” – Nicola Harvey, audience, Magic Flute, Waterperry Gardens, July 2018 – see complete comments

“Dear Mike, A huge thank you for Saturday’s event. It went really well. Everyone played their parts so well – I’m sorry I didn’t get to know everyone’s names. The pianist was great and people were already enjoying his music before the main event. I should have guessed from how well they posed as waiters how good the singers were going to be as entertainers – they hit exactly the right note of informality and joviality. I think that was the most important thing, however, on top of all that they were absolutely beautiful singers – I could have listened all afternoon. And a very special thank you for your table-top rendition of Nessun Dorma: totally unique and highly memorable. Definitely time to start planning either a barn or a lawn opera!” – Jo, Singing Waiters host, Oxfordshire, June 2018

“Can’t better G&S for some huge fun and brilliant music, delivered by Opera Anywhere with great panache! Loved it, still laughing at all the people on the list who never would be missed!”

“Opera Anywhere have an amazing schedule ahead, lots of lucky people have a treat to come, it was a fabulous performance” – Anne-Marie, audience member, Simonsbath, The Mikado June 2018

“I think I can safely say that thanks to Opera Anywhere everyone went away last night with a spring in their step and a smile on their face” – Simonsbath Festival, The Mikado, June 2018

“What a great event this evening. The cast were brilliant and no rain. First time to park theatre but will return” – Ian, audience member, Pirates of Penzance, Penlee

Park Theatre, Penzance, June 2018

“What a great performance! PIRATES of Penzance. We’ll see you in 2019! So much fun!” – Penlee Park Theatre, Penzance, June 2018

“Fantastic performance. My wife and I enjoyed every second. The cast was superb.Thank you for a wonderful evening”. – Colin, Pirates of Penzance, Marcham, June 2018

“Thank you all so much for a completely outstanding performance of The Magic Flute on Friday, which filled the Church with people, and brought a truly entertaining evening of music, fun and drama to us in Pinner. This is such a great production of this work, which you adapted beautifully to the space. The packed audience was completely delighted with your approach to this wonderful work. Very many people have come back to me since to say how much they enjoyed it.

As you know, we had several youngsters (aged c.6-8) who were lapping up their first opera – bringing on the next generation of opera lovers” – Anthony Pinching, Director at Pinner Music Festival – The Magic Flute, Pinner Music Festival, June 2018

Every one of the singers and instrumentalists made a very positive and focused impact on their parts. We much enjoyed the set and props (provoked many comments about your skill in doing more with less!) and the superb lighting – which evidently benefitted from John’s meticulous preparation and planning.

“Four of us so enjoyed your production last evening in Great Yarmouth. We have chased G&S performances for years and have seem many great performances. Your Pirates was huge fun and so cleverly produced that the amazingly small company was really not evident and certainly no problem.  The singing was sublime….we have rarely heard better in any show. We loved the ‘modern’  touches and the real chemistry between performers all of whom were truly enjoying themselves, it seemed to us.  We look forward to seeing more shows by this brilliant company. – Ann, The Pirates of Penzance, Great Yarmouth, April 2018

“We were WOWED last evening ! you were all beyond amazing. Thanks for the inspiration !” – Twitter . . The Pirates of Penzance, Great Yarmouth, April 2018

***** “Just been to see Pirates of Penzance at St George’s Theatre Great Yarmouth . I think it’s wonderful that light opera is available to so many people by Opera Anywhere. The cast were superb, together with an extremely talented music section. If you do get to see Opera Anywhere in production I urge you to take the opportunity. Whilst all the cast were very skilled in their roles the outstanding performance for me was the character of “Mabel” she lit the whole production, bringing youth, vitality and fun with a beautiful voice”. – Paul, The Pirates of Penzance, Great Yarmouth, April 2018

“The G & S “Amatuers” from Gt Yamouth salute your amazing Pirates last night, and wish to book 4 tickets for your Magic Flute -Sheringham June  9th please, when they become available. Actually ,  altho’ amatuers  we can  proudly lay claim to  doing Fully staged Costumed Productions  with full Orchestra of the entire canon of the G  & S Operas over the  last 40 years.- yes including Cox and Box,Utopia Ltd and the Grand Duke !      Now scaling down somewhat to Concert Performances , [this  is age related sadly]  -but your delightfully pacy Pirates in Gt Yamouth last evening has imbued us with fresh inspiration! Warmest wishes for your continuing  success” – Nancy Boardley,  on behalf of  G & S Singers. The Pirates of Penzance, Great Yarmouth, April 2018

“Come back to Great Yarmouth – So enjoyed your Performance of Pirates yesterday evening @ St Georges Theatre. Please come back this way again – you are all AMAZING!” – Stephanie, The Pirates of Penzance, Great Yarmouth, April 2018

“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for a wonderful evening at the Parabola Arts Centre in Cheltenham last night.  We are not big fans but we  thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant performance  – a great cast and fascinating interpretation” – Nigel, The Magic Flute, Cheltenham, April 2018

“Fantastic performance of ‘The Magic Flute’ at Chipping Norton – excellent vocal and dramatic performances from everyone (really loved the Queen of the Night) and great comedic entertainment from Papageno (and the puppeteers!) – overall a thoroughly enjoyable evening of Mozart re-imagined. Many thanks – another triumph by Opera Anywhere” – Clare, The Magic Flute, Chipping Norton, April 2018

“Thank you for last night’s performance at St.Mary in the Castle, Hastings.   We thought it a brilliant production and hope you will come again” – Barbara, The Magic Flute, Hastings, March 2018

“The most sincere thanks from the Steeple Aston WI for making our centenary dinner the high point of our first century. Opera Anywhere exceeded our expectations, not only providing entertainment of the highest calibre but also making our village hall look fabulous thanks to John Alcock’s handiwork. We are looking forward to your upcoming visit to perform The Magic Flute with great anticipation” – Singing Waiters, Steeple Aston Village Hall, March 2018

“Dear Mike, Thank you so much for a truly memorable afternoon at the G&S Society last Saturday.  You made it a wonderful occasion and we all enjoyed learning about the work of Opera Anywhere and seeing some examples of your productions.  A real treat to hear Amy, Tristan, Vanessa and of course, yourself with Gina at the piano. A number of our members have said how much they enjoyed the afternoon and they will, no doubt, look out for opportunities to come and see your productions….  I do hope we will be able to welcome you again before too long.  In the meantime, don’t forget to let us have any dates of performances for the G&S News and perhaps an article about your work. All good wishes to you and your lovely company, Angie Penn” – Gilbert & Sullivan Society – November 17

“Hi Mike, Just a quick note to thank you for arranging the opera workshop and performance. The workshop leaders were fantastic – easy to work with and professional. The students really enjoyed the experience so we hope to work with you again soon. Best wishes, Amy” – Amy Johnson, Events Officer, Workington Town Council – School Opera Workshop and Flashmob performance – November 17

“Dear Vanessa, Just a note to say how much my wife and I (and our sisters and our cousins and our aunts) really enjoyed ‘Pinafore’ at Wolfson on Saturday (especially Buttercup!).  It must be so challenging to put on a performance in these ‘anywhere’ places but it worked really well and we had a great time.  I had just come back from Bayreuth so the contrast was quite striking!  I’ll look out for your future performances. Andrew” – H.M.S. Pinafore on Punts, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Huge thanks to Opera Anywhere for two fantastic performances of #PiratesOfPenzance last week! We have had some lovely feedback from visitors, including: “I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the performance of The Pirates of Penzance by Opera Anywhere last night. It was really excellent and we do hope you will be having them back in the future” – Joy and Gerald

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Pirates of Penzance and think it was well worth the money I paid. Having seen how many very talented people were in the performance and how relatively few people there are room for in the viewing area, I think it was quite a bargain. We had a lovely evening” – Chris (Hastings Pier Shareholder) – The Pirates of Penzance, Hastings Pier – August 17

“Pirates of Penzance tonight was absolutely fabulous. Weather was lovely too. Thank you to all concerned for a really enjoyable evening. I love the new pier. 5*”, Polly Moore-Weekes – The Pirates of Penzance, Hastings Pier – August 17

“Saw your superb performance of Pirates of Penzance last night on a windy Hastings Pier. Great singing, excellent comedy. 5*”, Gary Cook – The Pirates of Penzance, Hastings Pier – August 17

“The show was great thank you, it was a brilliant evening. My daughter enjoyed it too and she isn’t keen on G&S!!  She came with me so I didn’t have to go by myself. Lesley Morgan” – The Mikado, Warbleton Church – August ’17

“Have seen you in two productions this summer, Morse and Mikado – just wanted to say my friends and i enjoyed both immensely. Well done for continuing with the Morse last night despite the weather.  I had such fun.   It was actually lovely to have one half outside and the other inside – both spectacular venues and as a Blue Badge guide of Oxford (an official one!!!) it was a treat to see inside  Wolfson”, audience member – The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Dear Mike and Vanessa, We just wanted to express our appreciation to you and all that contributed to “The Music of Morse” last Friday evening at Wolfson College. Despite the rain towards the end of the first half and the musical support of the ducks it was a memorable event, the singing was sublime and the musicians wonderful. Your choice of venue was excellent and the indoor “switch” for the second part of the performance did not detract at all! Best wishes and our thanks to all at “Opera Anywhere” Kim and Richard Dunkley –  The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Hello Mike, Just a quick message to say thanks very much for a great evening!  My crew loved it. Not my best work, I’m afraid – apart from anything else, I hadn’t really intended taking pictures, but here’s a few shots that I managed to capture: Very best wishes for the rest of your season. Graham” – The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Just to let you know, we had a fab time! Pass on our thanks for a great evening to all the performers and staff. Kind regards, Sarah Cater” – The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Thank you Mike and Opera Anywhere. Thoroughly enjoyed Pinafore on Saturday afternoon. As always high standard beautifully produced, with the essence of G & S. You  are probably exhausted after your recent tour. I was amused to see you had gone to Hastings Pier. I will still keep it in mind to see if there would ever be an opportunity for OA to come to Bognor Regis. In the meantime I am happy to travel! Good work. Sue Teverson” – H.M.S. Pinafore on Punts, Wolfson College – August ’17

“so enjoyed pirates & pinafore – thanks to all your company for such  fun entertaining performances. Do you have tickets available for your Mikado at Steeple Aston? Jane Pomeroy” – The Pirates of Penzance on Punts and H.M.S. Pinafore on Punts, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Dear Mike, I had intended to drop you an email. Just to say how much we both enjoyed our day in Oxford on Friday last for your two productions. The journey, and traffic, from Manchester was well worth it. We would/will do it again. We enjoyed our private balcony and felt like royalty!! The performances were great, the effort and energy from the team was first class. The slick transfer in the evening from outside to inside really was a triumph and a clear demonstration of ‘Opera Anywhere’. We look forward to returning next year and have been telling our friends about Opera Anywhere!! Such fun! Thank you and Kind regards, Austin” – The Pirates of Penzance on Punts and The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Dear Mike, .. we felt that we must just say how kind of you to take the trouble in circulating those who came to your performances, both of which last Friday we thoroughly enjoyed. The setting by the river lagoon and the use of the punts just added beautifully to the occasion and made our journey from Essex to be entirely worthwhile. Thank you. With kind regards, Peter and Marilyn” – The Pirates of Penzance on Punts and The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“We did enjoy your performance hugely so please thank all involved. We were on one of the balconies attached to bedroom accommodation which turned out to be great. The negative was having to stand (we were offered seats below at half time which we didn’t take) but the positives were a great viewing position; in the dry; somewhere to have a glass of wine and smoked salmon sarnies; and possibly a “z” or two during the interval! Loved it, Christopher Forrest” – H.M.S. Pinafore on Punts, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Thank you for a very enjoyable evening. We really felt for you all as the rain began to set in and it was getting chilly. It was a good thing there was an alternative venue indoors and it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the performance, all the musicians and singers did extremely well especially in those circumstances! Best wishes, Jean and Roger Davidson” – The Music of Morse, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Hello Mike, I am sorry that last week I didn’t find time to thank you and to say how much Gill and I enjoyed the performance. Wolfson is a delightful and appropriate setting for Pinafore and luckily none of the cast fell in. We hope to see more of your G & S next year. Best wishes, Brian” – H.M.S. Pinafore on Punts, Wolfson College – August ’17

“Dear Mike, we came to your show in Banbury a few weeks back and loved it. You were magnificently pompous !!!!!  (I am assuming you are the Mike that played Sir Joseph) I had not seen a G&S since I was 17 – wanted to see one and enjoyed it enormously. See you on the river. Thanks for what you create. Best Wishes, Tim Richardson” – H.M.S. Pinafore at The Mill Arts Centre – June ’17

“Dear Mike & Vanessa, what a wonderful time we had on Saturday evening! Thank you all for such a wonderful performance of H.M.S.Pinafore. You really are quite clever at putting on such enchanting shows and somehow including the audience. We really appreciated it, of course it was a beautiful evening too and a perfect venue. Somehow you managed to create a polished performance and relaxed atmosphere. With so much sadness around it was great to feel so happy. THANK YOU. Love from David & Wendy” – H.M.S. Pinafore at Waterperry Gardens – July ’17

“Good Morning Mike , I have just about surfaced from my amazing wedding weekend……and wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your lovely lady singers!!.  The surprise element worked wonderfully , we had so many great comments from our guests about the wonderful singing.  It was fantastic and really added to our party.  We particularly enjoyed your comedy element,  and my nephew won’t forget you taking his cheese ….!  thank you again we really appreciated your professional performance, most people still believe you were part of the catering team !! – Dave and Jo”  Singing Waiters, Leamington Spa – June ’17

“Dear Mike, Following on from our emails in March this year and me with grandson coming up from Somerset to Chipping Norton to see your production of HMS Pinafore last night. We wanted to say how much we enjoyed it and how fantastic your voices are. Also the energy and humour that was put into the performance made it come alive, true entertainment. It was really excellent” – Marilyn Botterill – HMS Pinafore, The Theatre, Chipping Norton – June ’17

“Thank you so much for a brilliant night. I was a Gilbert and Sullivan virgin, but i am now converted..loved it. Hope you come back soon x” – Audience member – HMS Pinafore, The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury  – June ’17

I just wanted to thank you and your lovely singers for making my birthday party such a triumph – as was probably obvious, my guests absolutely loved “Opera Anywhere” – Monica host of Singing Waiters at 60th Birthday Party – March ’17

“I spoke to you last Saturday at West Wittering which was jaw dropingly brilliant.  I have certainly never heard opera before but have always been enthusiastic about G & S . I  went to your Mikado production at the same venue in the summer that too ‘blew me away'”  – audience member – Magic Flute at West Wittering

“What a wonderful evening. I did not know what to expect. We , and our friends, all loved it” – audience member – Magic Flute at Wolfson College – Nov ’16

“thanks for putting on such an enjoyable evening. It was interesting to see how the story came through more clearly than it does in more grandiose productions!” – audience member – Magic Flute at Wolfson College – Nov ’16

“Sunday night can be judged an unqualified success and everyone had a wonderful time” – “ One retiring, retired audience member declared it the best night’s opera he’d ever seen, having been drawn into the whole performance by the intimacy of it all.  At least two other members of the audience had come along – not quite under duress – and had left completely converted, waxing lyrical about the performance they’d just witnessed”. – Andrew Forsyth of North Westmorland Arts – Magic Flute, October ’16

“Probably, because only a few of us had even heard of “ Opera Anywhere “ there were only just over 50 people in the audience at the Village Hall on Friday 16th September. The curtains opened, four members of the pirate crew charged through the audience , bounced onto the stage and launched into the opening number “ Pour, oh pour the pirates’ sherry “. We knew from that moment that we were in for a real treat. These were extremely polished musicians and their voices  filled the hall, making us quite forget that this number was normally a chorus song.  There were only nine people on stage but somehow they managed to portray a whole herd of pirates, a troop of policemen and a lot of Major General’s daughters. I have seen “Pirates” many times, but I have never enjoyed it more. The company will be producing Mozart’s “Magic Flute” in Wolfson College on 29th October. I am booking tickets straight away, and I would advise anyone who has read this appreciation to do likewise. They are a seriously good company” – Roderick Nicholson. Pirates Of Penzance – Steeple Aston, September ’16 (from article in the Steeple Aston parish magazine).

Absolutely loved The Pirates of Penzance in Steeple Aston’s Village Hall – thank you for a great evening!” – Sue, Pirates Of Penzance – Steeple Aston, September ’16

“Dear Opera Anywhere, I’d like to say how much I loved your performance of The Pirates of Penzance on Friday evening in Steeple Aston Village Hall – what a treat for those of us living in the outback/sticks/back of beyond where I’d normally expect to find opera! Beautiful voices, ingenious musical accompaniment and an amusing and creative production. I’m planning to get along to see The Magic Flute in Wolfson Hall, Oxford. Thanks a lot”, – Judd, Pirates Of Penzance – Steeple Aston, September ’16

“I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Opera Anywhere for performing at our wedding blessing in Oxfordshire. Absolutely superb. The Opera Singers were absolutely amazing and brought us all to tears of joy. I would highly recommend Opera Anywhere and will be rebooking I’m sure! Many thanks” – Carly, Singing Waiters Wedding Blessing and reception – July 2016

“Thank you all so much for making The Mikado such a great success at the weekend. I found it absolutely exhilarating…it  was the first  time I had ever seen it all the way through and it was a revelation!…Opera Anywhere’s team were amazing in every respect, very many thanks to all” – Piers Heyworth, Headmaster, The Manor Preparatory School – Mikado June 2016

“Dear Mike and everyone at the Opera Anywhere Company, I will never forget the performance of The Mikado at Tudor Hall last night, and want to thank you all for such a wonderful experience for the junior choirs. I am sure that they will never forget taking part, and what a wonderful introduction to the Gilbert and Sullivan operas. Thank you to all the crew for their kindness and professionalism, you were all a joy to work with. The singers and the orchestra, sound production, lighting and everything was superb, and I just want to thank you all. All our very best wishes” – Lindsey Lea-James, Director of Music and all of the music department – Mikado June 2016

“Opera Anywhere provided three “pop-up” singing waiters for a corporate event. Helen, Miles and Tristan did a brilliant job. Comments from guests  included, “I’m not usually an opera fan but loved the live music”. I would certainly consider using them again”. – Phil Meekin,  Head of Marketing  – Corporate Client – Singing Waiters April 2016

“Dear Cast, We went to the Lewes performance last Saturday and we just wanted to say, as regular opera-goers and Handel obsessives, we really felt this to be an outstanding performance. We particularly liked the performances of the Pirate king – who was exceptional – and his colleagues, and the daughters were really excellent in their roles. We really thought Mabel’s singing and performance of Poor Wandering One an amazing thing to behold. There was incredible dramatic and musical energy, virtuoso musicianship and something else intangible! Well done to everyone in the cast, fantastic”. – Greg, Audience member – Lewes Little Theatre – Pirates of Penzance Jan 2016

“Hi Mike, Firstly a thousand thanks for such a great show. One of the great things about being organiser is that you receive all the compliments about how good the entertainment was! I can assure you that they have been many and fulsome….” – Peter, Event Organiser for Probus – Singing Waiters – Beetle & Wedge Nov 2015

“Dear Mike, just a very quick note of personal thanks for everything that went into a superb performance of “The Pirates of Penzance” for us in West Wittering on Saturday.  Right from the start of our planning it has been a pleasure for me to work with you to get things up and running.  It’s been great to have your understanding, pragmatism and flexibility, working “with” us at all times, to ensure that the event was a success.  Thank you, and Vanessa, for all that went into making it possible.

The performance itself was wonderful!  How lucky you are to work with such talented people, though I can see that drawing together a production requires a lot of thought and work on your behalf!  The individual performances were all excellent, the music worked superbly, and I thought that John Alcock did an amazing job with the lighting effects to make the whole performance look so great.  There was a real buzz around sleepy West Wittering over the weekend!

Very best wishes to everyone who had a hand in staging “Pirates” for us and thanks to you, personally, once again.  I hope that after we have tried a couple of other things we’ll be talking again about a different production! Alan” – Alan, Event Organiser for Friends of West Wittering Church – Pirates Of Penzance Nov 2015

“Hello Mike, Hope you are ok, just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the great performance the other evening everyone was very impressed.
Also just so you know the hotel have asked for your details for future events and for customers that they have..” – Shel, Client – Singing Waiters – Worcestershire October 2015

“Hi Mike, Thanks so much for performing at the Winterwell Festival, it was fantastic – people said it was great when they were watching the cricket and you guys were singing! It really added something special and fun. Hopefully next year we will have a later outdoor music license and you can perform in the evening!” – Autumn Neagle  Winterwell Festival  – August 2015 

“Hello Mike and Vanessa, I just wanted to say what an absolute delight our evening on the punts were. You put on a magical performance that was everything I could have hoped for. I speak not only for myself but also my three guests, and I suspect everybody else who was on the trip.” – Yves, FSB Thames Valley  Opera On Punts – August 2015

“Dear Mike, Your entertainment yesterday evening was fantastically well received – thank you so much. So many people made a point of saying how much they had enjoyed it. Even people who are not opera fans loved something so live and interactive. And the piano interludes were a great background to the conversations going on in the garden – easy listening jazz that our guests could appreciate without it interrupting their conversations. Thank you so much for all you did. We all really enjoyed it.” – Wendy Host of 60th Birthday Party, Oxfordshire Singing Waiters and Happy Campers – August 2015

“Dear Mike and Vanessa, Last night was terrific. We have a garden party every summer and this one topped the lot. I received so many positive and appreciative comments and clearly your various sets were hugely successful. Once the surprise had subsided and people knew they would not be called upon to do a quiz or hunt a treasure, the atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone  settled back to enjoy the music. I think you brought your brightest and best……thank you, I will pass on the link to f/b and HUGE THANKS for being fab!” Kind regards, Daphne Carbery  Singing Waiters event at Wallingford Flower Club June 2015

“Thank you so much for your wonderful performance of The Mikado at Wyastone on Saturday evening in aid of The Haven. The whole cast were absolutely wonderful .. the evening was a huge success, raising over £8000 for our support centre in Hereford. The audience loved it, and we are sure they will attend future Haven events and continue to support us” – Lesley Leach, Community Fundraiser The Mikado, Wyastone Hall, April 2015

“Dear Mike, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your fellow performers for your wonderful performance last night.  It really was wonderful, so much fun and innovative and really helped to make the event a resounding success.  I really enjoyed watching you posing as a head waiter – it was very convincing! Thank you again for all your tremendous support for Sue Ryder” –  Vikki , Sue Ryder Nettlebed Hospice Singing Waiters, Women of the year achievement awards dinner, March 2015

“We all had an absolutely wonderful evening, your entertainment was totally delightful so our thanks to you and all of your team. You hit the spot exactly and we were thrilled with the content. quality and professionalism of the performances, and of course the fabulous interaction with the audience which went down a storm. People are still talking about it now and I still find myself humming the Masochism Tango which was a particular favourite of my Fathers and I had not thought about for probably 40 years!” – Shauneen, HID Global  Singing Waiters, Corporate Christmas Party 2014

“My wife and I, with some friends, attended both the above-noted productions at Thame Players’ Theatre this weekend. The singing and acting was superb and well above the standard that I had expected (at 83, I go back to the Savoy and D’Oyly Carte).  Although it seems wrong to mention any one player, I thought that Mabel in ‘Pirates’ was particularly good (what a lovely high register) and I had an attack of nostalgia when, in my mind’s eye, I saw Owen Brannigan coming through in Miles Horner’s performance as the Pirate King..

Thank you all for two evenings of sheer joy” . . Len, audience member – The Mikado & The Pirates Of Penzance, Thame, January 2015

“came to see it,thought it was absolutely fabulous, and a young child in the front row entranced” – Audience tweet – Amahl & The Night Visitors, Eynsham December 2014

“Dear Mike, Many thanks to Opera Anywhere – to you and Vanessa and all the company – for a wonderful performance at St Peter’s Belsize Park last Friday. We knew that it was going to be a special evening, and certainly was. All three operas were beautifully performed, and the whole evening will live in many memories.

Please convey warmest thanks to the whole company from Fr Paul, the churchwardens and St Peter’s church council.
Thank you again for a superb evening. We were honoured to have you in our midst. Best wishes” – Ken, Church Warden – American Opera Triple Bill, Belsize Park, London December 2014

“Hi Mike, Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the wonderful entertainment on Saturday. It was very much appreciated, particularly by Justin whose party it was. I thought you executed it brilliantly- making it a genuine surprise. Please could you pass on my thanks to the rest of the team? I don’t have a regular need for opera singers but will certainly not hesitate in recommending you to others! Best wishes and thanks again. Richard ” – Singing G&S Waiters, Birthday Party, Restuarant, Notting Hill, London December 2014

“Dear Mike & Vanessa, there are no words to describe how much we appreciated your performance on Sunday; it was everything I had imagined and so much more. The choice of songs was perfect and your professionalism and singing was just awesome. There wasn’t anyone in the room who didn’t find it entertaining. I loved your singing waiters at the beginning; my sister in law got the shock of her life: you chose just the right person, Poor Wandering One was amazing however there isn’t any one song that I could really single out as the whole company were just superb with just lovely lovely voices and I enjoyed every minute. I’m sorry the little ones got in the way at times but it is a memory that I hope they will also retain and Francesca my 6yr old niece wanted you to sing forever. I shall certainly be looking out for you all in the future. Many thanks, Kathryn & Michael” – Singing G&S Waiters’ Wedding Reception, London, October 2013

“Hi Mike, Thank you so much for the fantastic evening last night. The guests absolutely loved it and the atmosphere was great! You are all incredibly talented and I hope the event leads to many more bookings for you all! With best wishes,

Tanya” – Singing Waiters, Business Network Meeting, London May 2014

“Just a belated note to say a huge thank you for making our little dinner such a success, It really was a fabulous evening and such fun – your team are fantastic. THANK YOU. – Katie, Singing Waiters, Wokingham, May 2014

“Hi Mike! Just to say you guys were amazing!! Thank you SO much!! Dix & Lily”  – Singing Waiters, 50th Birthday Party, Royston, October 2014

“Dear Mike & Vanessa, with eternal thanks for helping us to realise our operaetta” – Michael & Liza Sears – Opera entertainment at private party, September 2014

“Fantastic funny and professional and they are very supportive of other business owners in Oxfordshire.We would go no where else for our opera needs” – Chris Clinkard – Witney Trade Fair, September 2014

“Dear Mike,  Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the rest of the singers for Saturday.  It was wonderful and I received so many compliments from the guests about how much they enjoyed it!

Best wishes, Rana” – Singing Waiters at wedding reception in Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, September 2012

“Hi Mike, I just want to say how exceptional the performance was on Saturday.  Lynda, Stephen and Leonie were all absolutely fantastic and gave such a wonderful performance we were all left buzzing afterwards!!  I received so many positive comments about their performance from most of the delegates there and even the staff at the venue joined in with the praise!!

Thank you too for arranging this at such short notice.  I will definitely consider you again for my next event!  Many thanks again, Victoria” – ‘Singing Waiters’  – Trinity College, September 2011

“Hi Mike, Just wanted to tell you once again how great last night was, and what a hit your performance proved.  If anyone asks about similar entertainment, I will not hesitate to pass your name on.

Thanks again for everything – Regards, Oren” – ‘Singing Waiters’ – Jesus College, December 2010

“Dear Mike, Just a quick note to thank you and Vanessa and all the cast etc for putting on such a wonderful performance!!

As we had never attended the Festival before we didn’t know what to expect but we MUST do it again next year. Kim and I had seen the production @ Milton Keynes Theatre the other week and so we did have an idea of what to expect! The singing was great and the whole evening was a treat, Sunningwell I mean. – Kind regards, Richard Dunkley” – Pirates On The Pond 2010

“Dear Mike, Vanessa and Emma, That was a really wonderful evening you gave us. My parents were as delighted and they were surprised.  And the rest of us loved it as well – even those not so accustomed to opera! I think it’s a wonderfully creative thing you are doing with your company and I look forward to hearing you in other exciting venues in the future. We will certainly spread the word..! Hope Pirates of Penzance goes very well.  Best wishes, Fiona” – Opera Cruise 2010

“Many many thanks for doing such a brilliant job on Saturday, my Mother had a wonderful time and absolutely adored what you did, especially the singing gardeners! it was a huge success, and we managed to keep it a complete surprise as well!!! We are now thinking up what to do for my fathers birthday next year, so don’t me surprised if you get another call.. Many many thanks again, Alina”

“The whole experience is very special. The Opera Cruises are good for couples, friends, families, businesses, and anyone else looking for a unique, special and memorable experience in Oxford.”

Alissa Robinson, Oxford City Guide, La Dolce Vita Opera Cruise. Read Full Review

“Overall the show was a little festive treat.” – Audience Member Review (Dailyinfo), Arias on Ice ’08.

“Dear Mike

This is a long overdue email to say thank you for such an amazing performance at Millets Farm a couple of weekends back of Pirates. I was with a bunch of kids at the front and they all loved it! I was fully expecting them to get bored and ask to go out and play football but they were constantly amused by the hilarity, singing, wonderful acting and  brilliance of it all. It was fantastic to see so many ages just laughing their socks off. A rare thing it is to entertain all ages and you all pulled it off brilliantly. – Thank you. Elizabeth Thomas” Pirates Of Penzance, Millets Farm July 2014

“Dear Vanessa, We loved The Mikado. Thank goodness we made it at last. It was a great afternoon that we will remember for a very long time. You looked fabulous – as did all the cast, and your performance was superb – as was that of all the cast. So, thank you so much to Opera Anywhere. We look forward to the next show. Very best wishes, Helen ” The Mikado at the Said, Sept 2012

“Hi Lorna, In all the scramble and confusion of the wedding on Saturday, I didn’t get the chance to thank you and your colleagues properly for the wonderful performance you put on for us. It worked perfectly. My great fear that the bride and groom would wonder what the hell was going on and the bride would dissolve into tears, proved utterly unfounded. The audience was behind you in seconds, and I am sure you realised from the reaction, were both transfixed and delighted with both sessions.

Most important of all, the second set during coffee, overcame that hiatus that so often occurs at wedding between the daytime session and the evening reception, and got everybody in the mood to party away! Please pass on this note to the others, together with sincere best wishes for success in your future careers. Again, many thanks, Best regards, Steve Turner ” – Singing Waiters July 2012

“Dear Mike and Vanessa, A most belated but heartfelt thank you so much for the brilliant entertainment you so skilfully provided on route to and from Steve (Godfrey’s) so inspiring induction service in Guildford in October.  I am so sorry and ashamed to be writing nearly nine months late, due to disorganisation in what has been a too busy time (but now at last beginning to catch up on backlogs!).  Many apologies also that I didn’t get to thank you on return, since although I looked around, by the time I had got off the bus, you must have gone.  It was a pleasure to meet you and such fun travelling there and back with you.

Having heard impressive reports about you, it was brilliant to hear you in person.  I so enjoyed your beautiful singing, and was also so impressed by your ability to deliver such brilliant performances ‘on the move’, and overcoming the consequent varying technical matters.  Thank you for such refreshing entertainment.  I loved your brilliant sense of humour, including taking the orders for the ice creams – After initially being doubtful about how you could have stored these ice creams, I was then convinced that you weren’t joking!  What a treat to enjoy such entertaining variety of programme, so sensitively and skilfully put together, including the rousing ‘Nessum Dorma’, the soothing Offenbach, and those lovely other later songs on the journey home.

Thank you so much again for your impressive talents in such enjoyable entertainment, which made the journeys so much more than just a means to an end, and so much part of that so special day.  With love and many thanks, Clare xx ” Opera on the buses!

“Dear Mike, We would like to add our voice to what will no doubt be a joyful and high volume chorus already extoling the wonders of Opera Anywhere’s performance of The Mikado in Cumnor Parish Church last Saturday evening.

Words like brave, imaginative, fun spring to mind all of which add up to great theatre and a clear fulfilment of the goal of OA.

We thought it took a huge amount of bravery and imagination to stage such a production in a venue clearly not designed for any performance of size and note. You have clearly assembled a very professional and well motivated team and made it work for what I suspect might have started out as a mildly sceptical but expectant audience. And it was very intimate – no one had to sit in the gods or in rows P to Z even if they might have had to cope with the odd pillar – and this made the performance all the more appealing. Kindest regards”, John Cumnor audience – The Mikado, May 2012

“Dear Mike and Vanessa, Thank you so much for such a wonderful production on Saturday evening in St Michael’s. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment – a joy to be there.

When are you coming again??” Esme Cumnor audience – The Mikado, May 2012

“Thank you all so much, everyone loved your performances. You added greatly to our opening night and helped to make it memorable” – Bridget, Barn Galleries Henley Singing Gardeners at Artspace – May 2012

“Dear Mike and Vanessa, Thank you both for an absolutely splendid evening OperaPunting last night! We were all thrilled with the chance to hear arias sung while idling along the Isis. And the weather held off which was an added bonus. I’ll make sure all our friends know about Opera Anywhere through Facebook and word of mouth and will definitely be in touch when we want to treat overseas friends to a night they’ll remember”.

Best wishes
Jenny and Tim (and Jan and Mark)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for performing at our wedding. It went down very well indeed, everybody loved it and it turned a rather otherwise boring coach trip into a highlight.”

“Just a few words to tell you how much we enjoyed your representation at the Cornerstone this weekend. I came with my family, the 4 of us were thrilled by your performance. The children were amazing, the singers great, the pianist so good, the staging so simple and true. We loved it – we all told oursleves that Christmas had really started: spirit, honesty, fraternity and beauty, thankyou!!” – Karen Weick – audience Christmas Opera Double bill

“The whole experience is very special. The Opera Cruises are good for couples, friends, families, businesses, and anyone else looking for a unique, special and memorable experience in Oxford.”

Alissa Robinson, Editor, Oxford City Guide, La Dolce Vita Opera Cruise. Read Full Review

“Mike and Vanessa performed 2 arias and led guests in a rousing Happy Birthday as a surprise for my Mum’s 60th party. The performances were great, fitting the occasion perfectly and their banter with the party-goers added a light-hearted touch to proceedings. I would highly recommend Opera Anywhere as a surprise addition to your garden party!”

“Overall, I had a fantastic evening…there were moments of beauty to be seen and heard right to the end.”

Audience Member Review (Dailyinfo), Arias on Ice ’08.

“Overall the show was a little festive treat.”

Audience Member Review (Dailyinfo), Arias on Ice ’08.

“Hi Mike – we are just about to leave on our honeymoon,but before we go, we just wanted to ask you to pass on our thanks to Amy. She was simply stunning. Everyone loved her renditions of 2 of our favourite pieces of music, the sound of her voice echoed around the church – it was heavenly. She sent shivers down our guests spines and I have to say made Stephanie’s entrance to the church totally perfect. I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that you recommended her. Please pass on our thanks and keep us in touch with any events you may be running. Many thanks.”

Liam & Steph Richards, Wedding November 2008

“Dear Mike & Vanessa, Thank you so much for all of your amazing and competent help. The singers were superb and the comments from guests incredibly complimentary, they were also stunning to look at. I hope to see you both again. Lots of love and thank you!!!!” – Lisa, Bride, Babington House wedding, Oct 08

“Dear Mike and Vanessa. Alan and I wanted to let you know what a fab time we had with you all on the river on Sunday! It really made the weekend in Oxford for us and your hospitality was excellent.!!!! What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in such a lovely setting” – Lynn and Alan – Kent

“A big thank you for such wonderful singing and music- I really enjoyed the evening and thought you were all wonderful” – Debbie

“Hi Mike & Vanessa, Many thanks to you both , Lyndall, Julia and Matthew for your performances on Saturday night at Frilford Heath Golf Club. It was a great success , all the members and guests seemed to enjoy the evening very much.”
Peter Creasy, Frilford Heath Golf Club, May 2007

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