Safeguarding Policy

Dignity and Safeguarding Policy

All singers, musicians, technicians, production staff and volunteers working with Opera Anywhere are entitled to:

• An environment free from bullying, intimidation, harassment or victimisation

• Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy

• Experience no form of unlawful discrimination

• Be valued for their opinions, skills and abilities

When working with young people in a workshop or as part of a production, adults are expected to:

• Provide an example they would wish others to follow. (Remember someone might misinterpret actions and comments, no matter how well intentioned.)

• Whenever practicable, ensure that another adult is present when in the company of young people (ideally mixed genders)

• Undergo required background checks to confirm suitability for working with young people

• Respect a young person’s right to privacy.

• Be aware of the possible implications of physical contact with young people

• Avoid where possible giving young people a lift alone. (When this is unavoidable, it is advisable to get consent from the young person’s parents or guardian.)

The Opera Anywhere Board of Trustees oversees procedures to safeguard young people working with Opera Anywhere. Opera Anywhere will follow the safeguarding policies of schools and recognised youth organisations for collaborative events. Where an event does not involve a school or recognised youth organisation, Opera Anywhere will require a completed consent form from the parent or guardian responsible for the young person performing in or volunteering help. Production directors have particular responsibility for setting standards and ensuring appropriate behaviours are maintained. They should set a good example and ensure concerns raised are acted upon. Trustees present during casting, rehearsals and performances are responsible for challenging inappropriate behaviours. Concerns can be reported in confidence to any Opera Anywhere trustee. Support and advice is available from the chairman of the trustees for anyone experiencing or witnessing bullying, harassment or discrimination during their involvement with Opera Anywhere.
John Logan March 2019 Chairman of Trustees

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