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Collaboration opportunities – ‘Let’s make an opera’!

11077924_10153276666858474_966457739991786368_oCollaboration opportunities – ‘Let’s make an opera’! – Planning now for the 2016 and 2017 season

Opera Anywhere Ltd has been touring opera productions since 2000, we’re a registered charity and have a growing reputation for creative, innovative and fun productions. Over the last couple of years we have been working with several choirs and choral societies together performing our Mikado, Pirates or Amahl & The Night Visitors operas.

The G&S has been a great success in particular and choirs from as large as 300 to as small as 20 have joined us to present a combined fully staged performance.

Our productions are scalable and flexible and can fit into almost any venue, we’ve performed in village halls, large concert halls and amphitheatres. When we collaborate with choirs and/or orchestras we do try and find venues that can and have the potential to sell a minimum of 200 tickets, just so we can make sense of the numbers for everyone involved.

Obviously if there are orchestra’s involved too then this makes a considerable impact, but the examples shown here are based on Opera Anywhere providing the main production which includes all the principal roles/characters, our music director who also accompanies on piano, a flautist and where space allows, percussion. We obviously provide all our own costumes and staging etc.

So this is how the numbers look based on modest expected audience numbers, and this is an example of where Opera Anywhere book and pay for the venue, the marketing collateral, provide box office facilities and pay all the fees involved, Opera Anywhere act as the promoter in this scenario..

Income based on 200 audienceExpenditure
AudienceTicket PriceTotalsVenue hire£200
100£14£1,400OA production£2,266
20£10£200Choir costs£300
Ticket Income£2,880£2,880
Income based on 250 audienceExpenditure
AudienceTicket PriceTotalsVenue hire£200
130£14£1,820OA production£2,806
20£10£200Choir costs£500
Ticket Income£3,620£3,620

Some organisations, choirs and orchestras that we’ve worked with prefer to take control and promote the event themselves and simply pay Opera Anywhere a fee (normally £2500) dependent on location and availability of B&B. Obviously, in this case the ‘promoter’ will take on all financial liabilities but will benefit from all the profit from the event. But we will work on percentage share of ticket sales too, we’re very flexible.

In terms of what we expect from the choirs and orchestras we work with; we expect them to help recommend the right venue, provide a fully rehearsed choir or orchestra ready for an afternoon run through prior to the evening performance with Opera Anywhere. Some choirs are happier to hold their scores and some perform off the book, we’ll leave that entirely to the choirs. The supply and management of the score would be entirely up to the choir or orchestra to manage. Some choirs prefer to have their own conductor and this can work well, providing there are good sight lines at the venue, between the conductor and our own music director. The Choir would normally be seated either side of the stage or at the rear of the stage behind the main action but in full view of the audience.

We do have a couple of good video examples on our website, a Mikado at a large venue in Bristol, with a community based choir of 300 and a youth orchestra of 90! See >

And a Pirates with a small choral society in an outdoor amphitheatre >

On a final note, just to say, we have some great experiences working with the charity sector and would welcome any suggestions or proposals where we could all combine to do some real good!

I do hope you like the ideas we have presented here, our concept is not cast in stone and we would be happy to consider any other ideas you may have on how we may best match your aspirations.

Do get back to us with any questions or further suggestions.

Warmest greetings,

Mike & Vanessa Woodward

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