• Date: September 06, 2019
  • Time: 19:00
  • Venue: Village Hall
  • Location Sunningwell
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Hansel & Gretel

Christmas Eve. London. 1938.

Two young children and their parents celebrate at home, blissfully unaware that a year later life will be very different indeed. After the outbreak of war, Harry and Gracie are evacuated to the countryside where they are taken in by a cruel and unloving foster mother. There are few comforts and little to remind them of home, except for a very special fairy tale book that was given to them by their parents for that last, perfect Christmas. Together, they follow Hansel and Gretel’s adventures into the unknown, and explore an exhilarating and terrifying new world where, like them, they only have their own courage and ingenuity to rely on.

Opera Anywhere’s spell-binding new production of Humperdinck’s masterpiece takes for inspiration one of the darker and less well-known stories of evacuee children in wartime Britain. The children escape from their grim new reality into their book, which is where the magic begins… With its new take on an enduring and heartening tale of triumph in adversity, this is a rich interpretation that brings Humperdinck’s sumptuous, late-Romantic score to life in vivid technicolour. Expect an enchanting evening that the whole family will enjoy.


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