• Date: August 31, 2019
  • Time: 14:00
  • Venue: Brighton Open Air Theatre
  • Location Brighton
Tickets available

The Pirates of Penzance

An unfortunate case of mishearing initiates the plot for The Pirates of Penzance, resulting in a dramatic change of direction for Frederic who sets course to become a pirate rather than a ‘pilot’! The twists and turns of this classic operetta unfold with ingenious characters, sublime lyrics and some of the best-known songs in opera!

BOAT is an open air theatre without a cover for either the stage or the auditorium. The shows are designed to go on in inclement weather. We recommend that our audiences come prepared for all eventualities of a British Summer. Which can include sun-cream and Wellies! Raincoats and Flip Flops!

If the weather is considered not to pose risk to either performers or audience the show will go on.

If the weather does pose a risk to performers or audience the curtain up time will be postponed for up to half an hour; if the weather improves the show will go on.

If the weather does not improve a decision will be made by the Duty Manager and the Company Rep to cancel the show.

Unfortunately, as we are an outdoor venue there are times when we will have to cancel shows, in this instance the BOAT Duty Manager will:

  • Make an announcement to the audience at the venue.
  • Notify TicketSource and activate refund procedure.
  • Update the BOAT website.
  • Announce cancellation on the BOAT Facebook page.
  • Put up signage at the venue.

If a show has to be cancelled mid-performance we will try our best to exchange tickets, but this is subject to availability.

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