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The most ambitious of opera private parties…

984214_718486331564337_7684678845438991653_nWhen one of our clients called us up, out of the blue in May and described his vision for a private party to end all private parties we thought he was mad! He had come up with an Egyptian theme and wanted to tell the story of Moses combined with some of the most moving, dynamic opera with luscious orchestral sounds ever written and composed!

After a face to face meeting with him, his wife and his event manager at his country house in the Cotswolds we became convinced that this man was not only sane, but serious and determined.

He subsequently described his plan which included an evening of opera whilst entertaining 140 guests for dinner, he was to devise a narrative whilst our job was to provide the music, the orchestra, singers, dancers and costumes. His plan insisted on using ‘Ronan’ a fantastic horse that moved amongst the guests in time with the music, ridden by a Roman centurion! Our host had already employed three camels at the entrance to the party to welcome his guests, he simply did not compromise on any of his ambitions!

1966828_718473424898961_7499387733395938721_nThere was no doubt that this would be one of our most challenging engagements, and so it turned out be.. but we were so blessed with having access to some amazing talent; our music director spent weeks on re-scoring orchestral music, reducing a 60 piece orchestral score to enable a 22 piece, orchestra to play. Our costume designer spent months sourcing and making Hebrew slaves, Egyptian and Roman soldiers costumes, our amazing stage director translated our hosts vision and choreographed our massive team of excellent singers, dancers and even the horse moves. What a night and what a spectacle! The images shown here are our unofficial pictures but we’re promised a whole load of official pictures soon, can’t wait!

10690344_718469108232726_1806362313971952097_nAs our year continues we find ourselves being invited to perform at a wide range of private parties but we also have a really busy programme of staged performances including a Menotti triple bill over Christmas and then returning to more Gilbert and Sullivan in January and February.

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