3,500 years of civilisation part 1


Opera Anywhere were delighted to be appointed by Michael & Liza Sears as the opera company to provide  them and their 140 guests at a private party, the opera content to a theme devised and created by Michael.

Michael & Liza have very kindly allowed us to publish the video taken at the event which took place in September 2014, its divided into 3 parts on YouTube

3,500 years of civilisation

The Ten Aspirations

1 To believe in good not in gods

2 To believe in truth not in myths

3 To teach without preaching

4 To believe in reason and question faith

5 To trust in science not in stories

6 To value humanity for what it is and recognise what it is not

7 To honour the law and respect mankind

8 To protect democracy and oppose autocracy

9 To educate children without bias

10 Value the family and share its wellbeing

 Michael Sears

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